To create multiple requests for the same address, new requests can be made at the confirmation page from the previous request.
Homeless encampment, Illegal auto repair, Illegal construction, Illegal construction fence, Illegal discharge of water, Illegal dumping in progress, Illegal excavation, Illegal sign removal, Illegal vending, Leaf blower violation, News rack violation, Obstructions and Tables , chairs obstructing and Report Water Waste
Park facility and field maintenance, trash and cleanliness issues, security and park tree/animal/bug issues
Report graffiti or issues with streetlights
Bulky item, Containers, Electronic waste, Metal / household appliances, Illegal dumping, Service not complete and etc
Bulky Item fee, Extra capacity charge, Solid resource fee and Sewer Service Charge Adjustments. For recycLA billing issues, go to or call the Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489.
Barricade removal, Bus pad/landing, Curb repair, Flooding, General street inspection, Guard/warning rail maintenance, Gutter repair, Land/mudslide, Pothole, Sidewalk repair and Street sweeping
Bees or beehive, Median island maintenance, Overgrown vegetation/plants, Palm fronds down, Street tree inspection, Street tree violations, Tree emergency, Tree obstruction, Tree permits and Weed abatement for pvt parcels
To be used ONLY if the issue being reported does not fit into any of the SR Types available on this list. Select Radio buttons above to see more SR Types.